Bathroom Quartz Countertops in Maidenhead – Design, Installation, Price

Quartz is one of the highest quality materials you can get for your new kitchen, but also bathroom countertops. It has great qualities that will make your everyday life easier. It offers one of the best quality-price ratios and it comes with a warranty. Quartz is a very durable material that will last you for decades.

 There are many reasons to choose quartz, but there is only one best place to get them at- InovaWorktops. We template, supply and fit bathroom quartz countertops from renowned brands in Maidenhead at competitive prices.

 Benefits of quartz:

 1. Stain-proof: Quartz has a non-porous surface that is resistant to staining. It doesn’t absorb liquids like other stones and it is almost completely stained proof.

 2. Durability: quartz countertops are very tough and will not break under high pressure. Quartz is one of the hardest stones found in nature and it will not crack due to use of excessive force.

 3. Various colours and patterns: when quartz is manufactured, the pigments are added to change its colour. In its range, you can find any colour you like- from the ones that imitate marble to the completely solid colours.

 4. Easy to maintain: quartz requires the lowest level of maintenance out of all stones. It has a smooth surface that is very easy to clean with just soap and water. It doesn’t require sealing.

 5. Affordability: When compared to similar stones, such as granite and marble, quartz is significantly more affordable. Although it is not the cheapest material you can find for bathroom countertops if is more durable then the cheaper alternatives.

 Design, Installation, Price

 At InovaWorktops, you will have the ability to choose from numerous designs from various brands. If you are having a hard time picking your perfect colour, our team will be happy to give you free advice. You can also visit our showroom in Maidenhead to have a better insight into the colours. You can take free samples with you; they might help you visualize how a certain colour will pair with the rest of your bathroom.

 The installation is handled by our fully certified team that has years of experience in this industry. The whole process will be completed most efficiently without compromising the quality. We will make sure not to disrupt your home for too long and the installation will be completed in just a few hours. From template to fitting, the whole process will be completed solely by our team.

 The prices for bathroom quartz countertops differ from colour to colour. The main factor is the rarity of the colour you opt for, as some rare colour tend to be much expensive. The other big factor is the brand- newer and lesser-known brands tend to be cheaper than ones that are pioneers in this industry.

 The prices for bathroom quartz countertops are starting from £250 per square meter.

 Looking for quartz countertops in Maidenhead? Please contact us and our team will be happy to help.

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