How to Choose the Right Stone Type for Your Kitchen Countertops?

Choosing the right stone for your new kitchen countertops can be a very challenging task. Nowadays, there so many materials available that it can be overwhelming. You will have to consider all the factors, like the price, colour and durability. Stones are for sure the most durable ones, but even between them, some differences might make you choose one or the other. In this article, you will find the best tips on how to choose the right stone.

 1. Inform about the materials

 At InovaWorktops, we offer quartz, marble, granite, porcelain and ceramic kitchen countertops. Each material has its characteristics and it is different from the rest. For example, quartz, ceramic and porcelain are non-porous, while granite and marble are porous. But marble and granite are the most beautiful ones and the most durable. On the blog section of our website, you can find informative articles about all of them.

 2. Consider the style

 Think about the style of your future kitchen. Do you like better contemporary or traditional style kitchens? The answer to this question can help you a lot when searching for the colour, and eventually for the material. Colours that are rich and have more details are often used for traditional style kitchens, while solid or colours with fewer details are frequently used for modern style kitchens.

 3. Consider your budget

 Generally speaking, marble and granite are the most expensive stones. Quartz, porcelain and ceramic are more affordable, but that doesn’t have to be the case for all colours. Some rare colours can be more expensive and you may find a marble colour that is cheaper than quartz, for example. With us, you can always plan your expenses upfront with the free quote provided by us. All you need to do is to give us the colour you opt for and the dimensions of your kitchen.

 4. Visit the showroom

 Looking at the online swatches is one experience, but seeing them in person can be a completely different one. When you look for online swatches, you can make a shortlist and afterwards visit the showroom to see them in person. But don’t pay attention just to them, because you might find a colour that you even haven’t noticed very interesting now. You can also ask for free samples to take with you.

 5. Mix and match

 If you can’t decide between two materials, you can consider using them both. For example, you can use granite for the surface that is most often used and quartz for other elements. This applies to all of the materials. Just make sure that the textures of the materials are not too different and that the colours match.

 Have you already chosen the right stone for your new kitchen countertops? If so, contact us and we will template, supply and fit them in just 5 days!

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