Natural Marble Worktops in Maidenhead – Price & Installation

Marble is one of the best options for both bathroom and kitchen worktops and it is always in fashion. It represents luxury and it is often used for public institutions and banks. But marble is also very durable, which makes it even a better option for both commercial and residential use.

 At InovaWorktops, we offer highest quality natural marble worktops in Maidenhead at competitive prices.

 Benefits of Marble:

 1. Beauty: marble is considered by the many the most beautiful stone out there. Marble will make any space more elegant and special than any other stone can.

 2. Resists high temperatures: marble absorbs high temperatures quickly and it is, therefore, suitable for busy kitchens. This is the reason why marble always feels cool to the touch.

 3. Durability: marble will not break if you drop a heavy object on it. Just beware that marble can get scratched, so it is best to avoid carrying sharp objects around it.

 4. Various colours: the most common marble type is white with grey or black veining. But that is not the only marble type- in fact, marble can have a green, yellow or orange colour, to name just a few. You will have the ability to choose from different colours and patterns to make your space one of a kind.

 5. Uniqueness: marble is a natural stone and each its slab is different from the other. You can be sure that you are always getting a unique product.

Price & Installation

 The prices for marble worktops are varying for a few different reasons. Firstly, not all colours are equally common and those that are rarer tend to be more expensive. The size of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets will normally make an impact on the prices. Finally, if you are looking for special treatments of the edges that will also add to the price.

 The prices for natural marble worktops are starting from over £300 per square meter.

 The installation is handled by our experienced and professional team. We will make sure to complete the whole process most effectively, in just one week. The whole process will be completed by our certified team, without using subcontractors. The installation takes only a few hours and after that, your marble worktops will be ready for use.

 You will also have the ability to ask for a free quote for a particular colour and plan your expenses. You can also visit our showroom and ask for a free sample. We will give our best to help you choose the right colour. During the whole process, we will be devoted to making your dream kitchen or bathroom come true.

 Have you already chosen your marble colour? If so, contact us and we will template, supply and fit high-quality marble worktops in Maidenhead and all surrounding areas within just 5 days!

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